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  • Hardcover
  • 307
  • Fireproof
  • Alex Kava
  • English
  • 11 October 2020
  • 9780385535519

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Fireproof Read ↠ 104 O make Maggie part of his news piece digging up aspects of her past that she would rather forget Maggie's brother Patrick is also back in DC where he is working for a private firefighting company and is freuently called in as these fires continue to light up around the city As the acts of arson become brazen Maggie's professional and personal worlds begin to collide dangerously The killer may be closer than she imagines. There is a serial arsonist in Washington DC FBI Profiler Maggie O Dell and her partner RJ Tully are called into the case when a body shows up at the crime scene What is strange is the body was not burnt The victim s head has been smashed and placed near the burnt building Why didn t the arsonist make sure the body was destroyed When fires spring up in the area Maggie notices that a certain news team is always first to the fire When she pauses to uestion them the news reporter makes Maggie the subject of his feature story much to her chagrinI was looking forward to this book when I saw RJ Tully would be back as her partner on the case Well he didn t play a big part The mystery portion of the story was OK I figured out who was lighting the fires early in the story I was very disappointed by the ending of this book We are still left hanging with many lose endings dangling in the wind My rating 3 Stars

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Fireproof Read ↠ 104 S one has a human casualty The local team insists they're looking for a young white male suffering from an uncontrollable impulse to act out his anger or sexual aggression But when special agent Maggie O'Dell is called in everything she sees leads her to believe that this is the work of a calculating and controlled criminal Jeffery Cole a reporter looking for his big break is also at the scene of the crime and decides t. This was funKava s books is always a fun easy read For that alone I ve read most of her booksHer plots is always interesting and you can t help but like Maggie She is brilliant at her job and her personal issues piue your curiosityFor the first time in a long while I really want to read the next book Usually I lave months between books one dose of Maggie always seemed satisfying But not this time that cliffhanger just got me

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Fireproof Read ↠ 104 New York Times bestselling author Alex Kava returns in a blaze of glory with a gripping action packed thriller featuring special agent Maggie O'Dell who is leading the search for a serial arsonist whose crimes threaten Maggie dangerously close to home When a building bursts into flames on a cold winter night in DC investigators see a resemblance to a string of recent fires in the area There is one difference however Thi. 35 starsFireproof the 10th book in Alex Kava s Maggie O Dell Series has Maggie still recovering from her head wound she got in the last book Hotwire back together with R J Tully as her partner to work on a series of arson crimes that are escalating to murderThis was a better read than Hotwire It had a good plot which ended rather abruptly with a huge cliff hangerI guess that s the set up for the next book in the seriesMaggie doesn t do much profiling again here And her relationship with Benjamin Platt is still not going anywhere I did enjoy seeing her partner Tully back in action and also Julia RancineI really like her character We also get to see a bit of Maggie s brother Patrick who I also like and we get a glimpse of their mad and crazy motherI do like this series and I am hoping that the next book will give us a bit of the old Maggie back