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Free download Traces of Love and Other Stories ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free 1961 Professor CT Hsia called Eileen Chang 'the best and most important writer in Chinese today whose short stories invite valid comparisons with and in some respects claim superiority over the work of serious modern women writers in English'. pure as water from a mountain spring Ms Chang had the gift

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Free download Traces of Love and Other Stories ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ese occupied Shanghai The popularity of these works has seen major revivals in Taiwan and Hong Kong and since the 19802 in the Chinese mainland where her work had been banned When she died in 1995 she had achieved near cult status | Writing in. An excellent book and very good translations of the short stories Zhang s stories are always about urban men and women in relationships This collection recounts people leaving the old and entering the new China of 1940s with all its Western trappingsWitty sophisticated and packing a punch at the end the stories present detailed observations of men women and the complexity of their lives and relationships I started this book with goosebumps and ended it with a hearty laugh

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Free download Traces of Love and Other Stories ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Eileen Chang occupies a uniue position in modern Chinese literature She was a popular writer with enduring appeal whose work has inspired successive generations As a young woman in her mid twenties she wrote her most acclaimed stories in Japan. This is a lovely little collection of short stories by Eileen Chang or Zhang Ailing The book was a gift by a Taiwanese friend of mine a lovely woman who loves reading as much as I do I think she also feels that I really should know about great Chinese writing even if I have to read them in translation Admittedly there was once I did try reading Eileen Chang s work in the original Chinese My friend had given me Red Rose White Rose also in English translation When I found that the work was available online in the original I just had to try but I gave up after four paragraphs when I had to look up every other word When I told her this she told me not to bother Apparently Eileen Chang writes in a kind of elegant formal Mandarin that needs a fair amount of classical education to understand This is far beyond what an education in Chinese as a second language will euip you with even if I d scored A s in my language classes and I was of C student in that regard You may have seen the movie by Ang Lee Lust Caution based on her short story of the same name The tension between the inner lives of the hero and heroine and the behaviour demanded by society both its norms as well as exigencies demanded from living under Japanese occupation are here in these stories too The characters are mostly educated Chinese living in the city not rural peasant folk and belonging as they do to the upper middle classes come under enormous constraints to behave in the right way even if it kills them The mood is that of American Beauty or Revolutionary Road the uiet desperation of the middle class Chinese style Her stories are also about relations between men and women and Ms Chang casts a very jaundiced eye on these indeed The happiest relationship is that in Traces of Love between a wealthy man and his second wife who married him for his status and money A similar note is struck in Steamed Osmanthus Flower Ah Xiao s Unhappy Autumn where the heroine is a maidservant to a Westerner who has to spend her days tending to his needs rather than to her husband s In Stale Mates and Great Felicity the happiness prior to marriage is placed in sharp contrast to the dullness and resentment after marriage Great Felicity has some particularly scathing portraits of the shallowness of the characters concerned with appearance than with living There is a telling line when Mrs Lou observes that without the servants in the house her husband would have no need to treat her with any consideration as there would be no one to put a display on forIt wasn t as if she didn t realize that if the people who cared about her were all to die leaving her and her husband to rattle around in the empty house alone her husband would not bother about her at all Why be a responsible husband when there s no one to seeThe theme of moralistic preening is most evident in Shutdown where a man on a tram strikes up a conversation with a young spinster I understand that the English translation leaves out three rather crucial paragraphs that occur at the end of the original Chinese text If you decide to read the story I set these out in English below as described to me by my friend They underline in particular the sense of the dead end of smug self satisfaction that his life has led towards