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  • Jonathan’s Locket
  • Lorraine Carey
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  • 02 September 2019
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Lorraine Carey » 4 characters

Free download â Jonathan’s Locket Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Download æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Lorraine Carey Lorraine Carey » 4 characters S no one ever knew he was even on boardTwo centuries later strange sightings have been reported of ghost ships screams and eerie lights off the east end of Grand Cayman Brandon Wallace a troubled teen seems to acuire a strange affliction and begins to have bizarre encounters from the sea where he befriends a mystical sea. The story of Jonathan Palmer a young orphan setting off on a great adventure in the year 1792 immediately capturedmy imagination An orphan desperate to learn the truth of his birth he stows away on board a ship bound for England in search of his mother Jonathan is just fifteen years old and at the time the story is set the journey would be long and arduous and especially dangerous for a young boy hiding away during the voyage But the story takes a tragic turn and the ship is lost along with its fleet whilst still in the waters of the Caribbean More than that young Jonathan who was not even listed on the ship s company was lost in every sense200 years later on the island of Grand Cayman a teenage boy with his own modern day problems but a special affinity for the sea is drawn to the place of those long ago shipwrecksAlthough I was totally invested in the historical story the switch to modern day is smooth and timely The paranormal elements fit superbly with the fear and superstitions that abound within seafaring communities both past and present Lastly this is a story of two young boys separated by two centuries who were able in their own ways to cross the boundaries of time and help one another Lovely

Free download Jonathan’s LocketJonathan’s Locket

Free download â Jonathan’s Locket Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Download æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Lorraine Carey Lorraine Carey » 4 characters Turtle who holds the secrets to the mysterious sightings as he plunges into the world of the paranormal Here he is compelled to embark on a dangerous journey risking his life to uncover the dark secret of Jonathan’s death This task proves to be even dangerous when one of Brandon’s closest friends has other plans for h. Jonathon s Locket by Lorraine Carey is a wonderful story based on a historic event that she intertwines beautifully with fantasyStarting with a famous shipwreck that happened 200 years ago we hear the story of a young boy that was aboard when the ship went down The author then weaves his tragic story with a boy 200 years laterSet in the beautiful island of Grand Cayman with shipwrecks sunken treasure strange lights and a mysterious sea turtle this is an adventure to rememberJonathon s Locket is the key here and how the author integrates history with fantasy is genius Absolutely a must read with 5 treasure starsI was given this copy for an honest review I have read this authors book Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn The Adventures of Dean Banks and loved it so I was excited to read this Lorraine Carey delivers again a magical book Everyone should read her books You will love them

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Free download â Jonathan’s Locket Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Download æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Lorraine Carey Lorraine Carey » 4 characters Orphaned Jonathan Palmer is a fifteen year old stowaway aboard the doomed ship The Convert which was part of the fleet that crashed into the reef on Grand Cayman in 1794 This famous shipwreck was known as the Wreck of the Ten Sails Jonathan was not lucky enough to survive the wreck along with eight other seamen Problem wa. This novel had so much than I had expected I learned about the mysterious Wreck of the Ten Sails in 1794 and unknown urban legends of Grand Cayman I was touched by the the emotional dynamics of this well crafted story where two teens meet guided by fate to help each other on a perilous journey Author Carey knows good story telling and really showcases her talent in this one I would recommend this read for ages twelve to young adult Also there is a great message here for our youth