PDF Traversing Digital Babel

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  • Traversing Digital Babel
  • Alon Peled
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  • 21 June 2020
  • 9781322166810

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Alon Peled Ç 0 review Traversing Digital Babel Read & Download ✓ 100 In this book Alon Peled offers a groundbreaking approach for enabling information sharing among public sector agencies using selective incentives to “nudge” agencies to exchange information assets Peled proposes the establishment of a Public Sector Information Exchange PSIE through which agencies would trade informationAfter describing public sector information sharing failures and the advantages of incentivized sharing Peled examines the US Open Data program and the gap between its rhetoric and results He offers examples of creative public sector information sharing in the United States Australia Brazil the Netherlan.

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Traversing Digital Babel

Alon Peled Ç 0 review Traversing Digital Babel Read & Download ✓ 100 Ds and Iceland Peled argues that information is a contested commodity and draws lessons from the trade histories of other contested commodities including cadavers for anatomical dissection in nineteenth century Britain He explains how agencies can exchange information as a contested commodity through a PSIE program tailored to an individual country's needs and he describes the legal economic and technical foundations of such a program Touching on issues from data ownership to freedom of information Peled offers pragmatic advice to politicians bureaucrats technologists and citizens for revitalizing critical information flow.

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Alon Peled Ç 0 review Traversing Digital Babel Read & Download ✓ 100 A groundbreaking approach to information sharing among government agencies using selective incentives to “nudge” them to exchange information assetsThe computer systems of government agencies are notoriously complex New technologies are piled on older technologies creating layers that call to mind an archaeological dig Obsolete programming languages and closed mainframe designs offer barriers to integration with other agency systems Worldwide these unwieldy systems waste billions of dollars keep citizens from receiving services and even as seen in interoperability failures on 911 and during Hurricane Katrina cost lives.

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    PDF Traversing Digital Babel As Peled points out while money has always bought you power and influence it is now the case that possession of data and the ability to process it into knowledge can earn you money power and influence Oftentimes a great deal of all three As has always been the case the world is split into silos and rivalries exist in order to acuire and retain power money and influence This is nowhere a reality and has the potential to improve the world tha

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