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The Definition of Icing Dallas Demons #2 summary Þ 8 read & download Ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Aven Ellis review The Definition of Icing Dallas Demons #2 Buster trade Nate is somewhere he doesn't want to be for reasons that havecaused him heartbreak on multiple levels Nate knows he will never trust a woman again after whathappened to him in MinnesotaBut when he meets a woman with an intriguing name and a passion for chocolate Nate isn't so sure abouthis theory And he might just learn a definition of icing other than the one used in hockey with Kenley as his guide. At First SightI absolutely LOVE the cover of this book It is so fitting and I love the type of cover where we don t see the actual people and we can leave that up to our own imagination It is a nice switch from what has become the normal these daysCharacters and RelationshipsNate and Kenley are both wonderful characters From the very first chapter I loved how Kenley stood up for herself and how Nate backed her up because he didn t agree with what she was trying to be pushed into doing As Nate and Kenley got to know each other better it was apparent that both Kenley and Nate were the type of people that would do anything for someone they cared about What better uality could you be looking for in a personI like it when characters don t expect others to change for them People need to be accepted as they are and Kenley and Nate both had this uality as we all should in life Kenley was very involved in getting her business going strong which was something he liked about her Their interactions were often times filled with laughter and I loved how both of their personalities came through in the writing I sometimes have a hard time with one character or the other but Aven made me fall in love with both Nate and Kenley from beginning to end There were some wonderful supporting characters in this book as well including Harrison and Kylie from Aven s book Waiting For Prince Harry I look forward to hopefully seeing some of these faces in books to comeIs This A Kissing BookWe have some definite hot swoony kisses going on in this one What would you expect from a super hot Dallas Demon hockey player I have to mention that one of my favorite things about this book and the other books of Aven s I have read is that her sex scenes are all fade to black at just the right time I know I may be alone in this but I don t need every detail of what s happening in the bedroom and I love it when I don t have to bother skimming over a chapter because of it I am always looking for clean NAadult books so thank you Aven for thatDon t Leave Me HangingThere is no cliff hanger to this book and although it is in a series you don t need to read the other book first to read this one In fact I read them out of order and they were both wonderful The Best Gems Dallas Detials The Definitions Chocolate With Curry Fancy Ss Hot Arms Love those arms Nate Coffee House You Betcha Hockey Chocolate TumbleThe Sum UpThe Definition of Icing is a book that I enjoyed from start to finish Aven s writing is delightful and funny and I devoured every page Nate and Kenley were both adorable and fun and I loved sharing time with them while reading their story If you love a smart funny romantic book this is definitely one for you I cannot recommend this book enough

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The Definition of Icing Dallas Demons #2 summary Þ 8 read & download Ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Aven Ellis review The Definition of Icing Dallas Demons #2 For the chocolate delights in front of themSo with work as her focus Kenley is ready to start her career in Dallas Men are out of her recipe becauseshe fears that once they get past her looks they’ll be disappointed in what they find Kenley decides she'sall about the chocolate nowOr is sheBecause a chance meeting with new Dallas Demon hockey star Nate Johansson might change everythingSent to Dallas in a block. AVEN ELLIS WRITESAND SHE SCORES THE CROWDS GO WILDWhat could a beautiful entrepreneur of chocolate confections and a smoking hot and hard driving hockey player have in common Maybe they both want to be taken seriously as than well packaged eye candy Beneath Kenley s blonde goddess exterior is a woman driven to succeed on her merits as a business woman Nate has just been traded to the Dallas Demon hockey team leaving behind painful memories yet not looking forward to life in the great state of Texas Neither of these two have the desire to be hurt again so the opposite sex is off the menu until one gallant move on Nate s part has Kenley ready to re define the decadence of sweet delight and Nate ready to hand off his heart for the best play of his lifeAven Ellis knows the way to my reader s heart combining three of my favorite topics for a hat trick with sweet romance chocolate and hockey Scene one page one and I am all in thanks to her ability to create a world that beckons you to enter to take a behind the scenes peek at the human side of life love and the tentative moves of a budding romance She tops it all off with delightful characters that become people to care for laugh with cry with and want to play cupid for There is never a lull in the action although a few bad penalty calls may have been made but that s the way of love Ms Ellis writes to entertain and she has a gift for making her stories breathe with a refreshing style that screams read me and swoon I received an ARC edition from Aven Ellis in exchange for my honest reviewSeries Dallas Demons Book 2Publication Date May 27 2015Publisher Soul Mate PublishingGenre Contemporary Sports RomanceAvailable from

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The Definition of Icing Dallas Demons #2 summary Þ 8 read & download Ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Aven Ellis review The Definition of Icing Dallas Demons #2 Kenley Hunter finally has everything sorted out Fresh from studying chocolate making in Europe she'sgambling everything on her new business Confection ConsultationsAll Kenley wants in life is people to take her seriously to see the person on the inside rather than theblonde beauty on the outside While pursuing her passion of chocolate Kenley discovered people seek herknowledge They see past the exterior and fall. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The Definition of Icing is the second book in the Dallas Demons series by Aven Ellis and is Kenley Hunter and Nate Johansson story And like the other books I have read by this author I loved it Kenley is a girl who wants to be taken seriously She wants people to see beyond her looks Nate is the hot hockey star who s been traded to Dallas Demons and right now Dallas is the last place he wants to be Kenley and Nate have both been hurt in the past betrayed by someone they loved and as a result both have their walls up They both have put finding love and relationships on a back burner and choosing to focus on their careers However when Kenley and Nate meet by chance on a photo shoot the attraction is mutual and sparks fly leaving both uestioning what they want I find myself falling under Nate s intoxicating spell And I see no way to stop it to the point I don t know if I want to I don t know if I m ready for anything but one step at a time I adore Kenley and Nate s story I loved Kenley passion for chocolate oh and it transpires that her favourite film is my favourite film And as for Nate he is a hot hockey player what is there not to love Kenley and Nate were two people whose fear and insecurities about love and relationships were holding them back and who needed to let go of their past so that it didn t affect their future They were a great couple smart and funny and I could the connection between them Their relationship was sweet fun flirty and passionate Loved watching it grow and their walls crumble as the realised that they may have found someone special They shared to many heartwarming moments that I read most of this book with a grin on my face I know this is where I want to be right now The Definition of Icing it was a cute love story that had a lovely mix of sweet funny flirty moment and low on the drama angst but as always high on the romance Also always there are some great secondary characters great seeing Kylie and Harrison again Kenley s Mother CiCi Oh how I love this lady She has me in stitches with what she says and does Kenley s flat mate Lexi is lovely such a great friend and I know that her story is a must read How many times do I have to tell you there is no timetable for feelings I loved the chocolate and hockey facts that Aven put at the start of each chapter I can t say that I have become a chocolate hockey connoisseur but I have learned a thing or two Who knew what weird and wonderful flavours could be added to chocolate My regular bar of Cadbury s dairy milk seems positively boring in comparison to the things Kenley makes Neutral Zone Trap A type of defensive play Carr It s like a little sample suare of chocolate Overall I loved this one If you love romance stories that are low on the drama and angst then Aven Ellis s is your lady I love this author her writing is faultless entertaining and I have a lot of love for all characters she creates I recommend you one click today Oh and one last thing it s very rare that I find a song that the sum up a couple and their relationship But when I heard I Love You by Avril Lavigne while reading The Definition of Icing I just knew it was their song and was just perfect for them and their story You re so beautifulBut that s not why I love youI m not sure you knowThat the reason I love you is youBeing youJust youYeah the reason I love you is all that we ve been throughAnd that s why I love youThe chorus from I Love You by Avril Lavigne