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  • Mirage by Tracy Clark
  • Tracy Clark
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  • 26 October 2019
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Summary å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Tracy Clark Read & Download è Mirage by Tracy Clark ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Tracy Clark ´ 5 Read Nt and willing to take risks she challenges those around her to live life fully But after a brush with death Ryan is severely altered she’s not the same thrill seeking girl she once was and see. Wow this book A great action packed thriller with a deep messageRyan was such a great character a strong likeable girl who was soooo believable And the writing in this book is beautiful Sooo beautiful My head s kind of mush after reading this one as it was so good and I can t stop thinking about the ending All the characters were well written rounded and had flaws This is the first book I ve read by Tracy Clark but I ll definitely be picking up another

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Mirage by Tracy Clark

Summary å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Tracy Clark Read & Download è Mirage by Tracy Clark ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Tracy Clark ´ 5 Read Ms to be teetering on the edge of psychosis As her relationships crumble and her life unravels Ryan must fight the girl she’s become or lose herself forever in this eerie and atmospheric thrill. Mirage took my breath away What an incredible book so beautifully written and haunting all at the same time I literally felt like I had experienced a mirage after reading it The very definition of a mirage is something that appears real or possible but is not in fact so That is exactly how I felt after I read the last page of the book Kind of like all mixed up inside a little confused even though I know what occurred I was left with a lingering experience of a mirage like did that just happen what just happened What was real and what wasn t It is hard to put into words but that s how one feels after seeing a mirage in the desert I have never had such an experience while reading a book Usually I read the words and I may feel certain feelings but this was a specific experience I highly recommend this book

Summary å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Tracy Clark

Summary å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Tracy Clark Read & Download è Mirage by Tracy Clark ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Tracy Clark ´ 5 Read Seventeen year old Ryan Poitier Sharpe is a gutsy outgoing girl who spends her summer days hurling herself out of planes at her parents’ skydiving center in the Mojave Desert Fiercely independe. This review has also been posted on The Social Potato My feelings about this book are complicated because while I thoroughly enjoyed it Mirage walks a thin line between dealing with mental health and being a thriller and the two don t overlap in a way which allows both things to be explored and established completelyWhat the book does do well is teenagers Teens who have sex who make bad decisions who drink and party have sex take risks fall in love fuck up friendships everything Tracy Clark has such a nice balance between all of things where various things define these characters rather than just what they do when they aren t working They are than just what they do they are defined by their relationships with the people around them they are defined by their relationship struggles they just are My initial reason for being drawn to this book was that it was a psychological thriller and I love my psychological thrillers The problem was that the psychological thrillerness aspect of this book came at the cost of having a real discussion about mental illness I honestly don t know what words to use to put this better and make my criticism spoiler free but I feel like the book tried to hard to be a psychological thriller that it kind of just dismissed mental health issues when it could have engaged in them and had a discussion and just been all around better for doing that Having said that this book features so many wonderful relationships I could cry Ryan has a best friend who she is super close with even though he doesn t really like her boyfriend She has a boyfriend who in spite of not being liked by this best friend isn t actually sketchy He is actually pretty sweet for the most part and a little like Ryan herself He makes bad decisions but also he genuinely loves and cares for Ryan and that is obvious Ryan also has a complicated relationship with her parents because her dad has PTSD but one of the most important things about their relationship is that even though they all hurt each other from time to time they love one another and it s okay to not be an obnoxiously happy family all the time The plot could have been a little bit well put together so that the book felt a little bit like a thrillermystery but I adored the setting and the uniueness of it How many books have you read that are set in a skydiving centerOne thing I can say for certain though is that I did have fun reading the book and it went by really fast There are some issues and it isn t perfect but it worth the read if you are looking for something uick to read that will have you invested Note that I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review