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  • 01 October 2019
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Review On Tour Author Zoe Sugg On Tour Author Zoe Sugg Review õ 2 Zoe Sugg Å 2 Download Family her best friend Elliot and her blog Girl OnlineCan Penny learn to balance life and love on the road or will she lose everything in pursuit of the perfect summer. 355This book is cute sweet and very much like Zoe so I think that her fans will like I did enjoy reading it a lot I liked how realistic the tour life is in this book While Zoe has never really toured herself it s evident that she knows a lot about this life and I m glad it wasn t too good looking Penny s reaction to it was realistic too because anyone would be confused and have a hard time adjusting to this train of life especially someone with anxiety This part reminded me of Zoe a lot because she s known to have difficulties when she s under a lot of pressure or surrounded by many people As someone who can get panicky sometimes I could relate to Penny when she started panicking especially since it s well depicted Penny s character is nice funny and relatable for teenage girls I enjoyed reading about her and I liked seeing her grow in this book even than in the first one She matured a lot and by the time the book ended she was of a young adult than a teenager which I thought was very nice since I m older than her and there were times when I couldn t really relate before I did think she was too forgiving and didn t stand up for herself at the beginning and I hated seeing her keep uiet and then pity herself when she was alone but I think it s where she grows the most In fact I was proud of her at the end of the book when she realized she had to live for herself and say out loud what she really thinks instead of bottling it all up I really disliked Noah at some point in this book because I thought he acted like a complete asshole He was part of the reason why Penny couldn t enjoy her life on tour with him which I thought was really sad seeing as he s the one who invited her However I m glad he tried to make up for it because it shows how deeply he cares about Penny and their relationship I enjoyed seeing them together which wasn t often I must admit and I think that overall they have a cute relationship It s great that we get to know about Elliot s life because he s an adorable character although I must admit he s uite stereotypical His importance in this book shows how close he and Penny are even though they re both in a relationship Their constant texting was heartwarming and I absolutely hated seeing them sad because they re such nice characters The only thing I truly dislike about this series is how there s always a bad guy I don t find this very realistic especially since I can t see the motives behind their actions most of the time I may be too positive but I don t think there are that many truly horrible people out there so the fact that Penny and sometimes Noah are always assaulted made me cringe a little I don t know if there will be another book in this series but I will buy it if there is Sorry haters but I truly like it

Review On Tour Author Zoe Sugg

On Tour Author Zoe Sugg

Review On Tour Author Zoe Sugg On Tour Author Zoe Sugg Review õ 2 Zoe Sugg Å 2 Download Chedule less than welcoming bandmates and threatening messages from jealous fans Penny wonders whether she's really cut out for life on tour She can't help but miss her. I ve been reading many hate comments about a book that hasn t even been published yet Yeah Zoe may not be the world s best writer because we all know it s JK Rowling but she is a good writer Girl Online was relatable and funny and cute It was a little unrealistic but it still had a good message and it was in my opinion a good feeling book I m very excited to read Girl Online On Tour I know that Zoe has been working hard on it just check out her vlogs She has a good voice as an author and people should just read the book before judging it

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Review On Tour Author Zoe Sugg On Tour Author Zoe Sugg Review õ 2 Zoe Sugg Å 2 Download Penny's bags are packedWhen Noah invites Penny on his European music tour she can't wait to spend time with her rock god tastic boyfriendBut between Noah's jam packed s. My reaction when I saw the advertisement in my book store