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  • The Art of Being Normal
  • Lisa Williamson
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  • 04 June 2019
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Free read The Art of Being Normal 107 Y así su amistad comienza a fraguarse Todo en sus vidas está a punto de cambiar porue ¡ué difícil es mantener secretos en la escuela Eden Park¿ué significa para ti ser norma. I couldn t finish thisit deals with an incredibly important issue and relevant topic in today s society but the book just felt like a generic ya bookI wanted to read this book for the trans character and to see how well the story would deal with the issue but after 110 pages I couldn t even really get to the core issue because the writingdialogue and story were so painfully clicheThe story screams American cliche high school trash that we see in so many media outlets and the book isn t even set in Americait s set in England so why are they acting so AmericanThe story was so painfully boring with the typical high school bullies who felt so unrealistic because they used pathetic insults like freak showThe dialogue was depressingly boring and failed in giving the characters any depth or personalityI think the worst thing I read was when one character uses the word Amazeballs CringeNo one ever says thatit felt like the author was desperately trying to make the story appeal to a younger audienceI looked up what happens in the story and it s incredibly predictable so I m glad I stopped readingIt s such a shame I couldn t carry on reading this book when I was so looking forward to it especially due to the trans characters but then the characters have literal no developmentthe story is depressingly generic and the dialogue is painful

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Free read The Art of Being Normal 107 Ser una chica El primer día en su nueva escuela Leo Denton sólo tiene un objetivo pasar desapercibido Pero en cuanto llega llama la atención de la chica más bonita de la clase. David longs to be a girl David is a girl who longs for acceptance The Art of Being Normal was not what I had expected I would say that this is a good introduction for someone who wants to know about life as a transgender kid and adolescent It is a heartfelt novel for sure but not a perfect oneI had difficulties connecting with the characters especially with David She is 15 years old if I am not mistaken but she acts like a 12 year old In most situations David and her friends seemed way too young and immature to for example go on a weekend trip on their own or have relationships and sex Their behaviour was not according to their age Their lack of depth and complexity added to my inability to connect with these characters and made them seem even childish David is way too pushy If she were real I probably would have hit her for being so obnoxiously curious I get that she is supposed to get Leo to loosen up and slowly stop hiding behind his walls But the level of pushiness that a word that David shows is maddeningI also have some issues with the way transsexuality was represented at times First of all for 98% of the novel David who is in fact a trans girl is addressed with male pronouns And secondly Leo s gender is used as a plot twist which is not what someone s sexual orientation or gender identity should ever be used for And no this was not a spoiler for the exact reason that I just mentionedThe I think about it the less I like this book However there were a few moments when I got uite emotional I hope this book paves the way for transexual YA main characters Their voices are shamefully underrepresented in literatureFind of my books on Instagram

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Free read The Art of Being Normal 107 David Piper ha sido siempre un rarito Sus padres piensan ue es gay y el matón de la escuela lo considera un friki Únicamente sus dos amigos saben realmente la verdad David uiere. I m a trans person and when I saw this book I was super excited It had a cool cover and a premise I was personally interested inHowever once I started reading I was honestly very disappointedI know that trans people have different experiences and points of view on their gender but so many things about this book seemed off to me The book isn t written by a trans person and that was my first clue In the blurb Two boys and David wants to be a girlBeing trans isn t about wanting to be another gender We actually are that gender but have been seen as our birth gender And that wanting to be a girl shtick continues through the whole storyUnderstandably David has some internalized transphobia and says some pretty transphobic things to Leo I can t remember any specifics because I have lent the book to a friend but I remember this And Leo also says some transphobic things to David which was odd as he s trans tooAlso David uses hehim pronouns throughout the whole book which I guess goes with the whole wants to be a girl thing I can t really put it into words because my brain is silly but as a trans person I felt uncomfortable reading this especially as it was written by a cis author and it was specifically taking about someone being trans To me it wasn t an accurate representation of what it was like to be trans and this goes on the list of disappointing trans books along with What We Left Behind by Robin Talley