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  • The Iliad of Homer
  • Elizabeth Vandiver
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  • 24 July 2019
  • 9781565853171

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The Iliad of Homer Review È 0 Condition ever written12 Lectures1 Introduction to Homeric Epic2 The Homeric uestion3 Glory Honor and the Wrath of Achilles4 Within the Walls of Troy5 The Embassy to Achilles6 The Paradox of Glory7 The Role of the Gods8 The Longest Day9 The Death of Patroklos10 Achilles Returns to Battle11 Achilles and Hektor12 Enemies' Tears Achilles and Pri. As I ve come to expect the Great Courses is a terrific companion It enhanced my enjoyment and understanding of The Iliad and I will continue with Dr Vandiver through The Odyssey

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The Iliad of Homer Review È 0 Ders of Homer Indeed it is probably true to say that only the Bible rivals Homer for sheer depth and scope of cultural and literary influenceProfessor Vandiver makes it vividly clear why after almost 3000 years the Iliad remains not only among the greatest adventure stories ever told but also one of the most compelling meditations on the human. Spectacular lectures regarding Homeric texts within their cultural context as well as the significance of specific linguistics which give the readings depth I would definitely recommend these to anyone who has read or wishes to read The Iliad as these lectures have the potential to truly broaden the reader s understanding of ancient Greek civilization and cultural s of the time along with figures of speech and double entendres of the Greek language and how they are used within the readings to create mental imagery and extended meaning all of which deepen comprehension of the piece itself

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The Iliad of Homer Review È 0 When John Keats first read Chapman's translation of the epics of deep brow'd Homer he was so overwhelmed so overcome with the joy of discovery that he compared his experience to finding a new planetWhen you join Professor Elizabeth Vandiver for these lectures on the Iliad you come to understand what enthralled Keats and has gripped so many rea. Good little course in the Iliad Vandiver s passion is uite clear and she makes connections to later literature as well There is a good background selection as well