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  • Redeeming Lord Ryder Cotswold Confidential #3
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Read & Download Ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ý Maggie Robinson Redeeming Lord Ryder Cotswold Confidential #3 Free download ↠ 109 Maggie Robinson Ý 9 Free download After two months of treatment at Puddling on the Wold Mary Nicola Mayfield has shown no improvement and her condition seems impervious to rehab But Nicola is not the typical guest of Gloucestershire’s destination village for the wealthy and wayward The trauma of surviving a horrific train wreck has rendered her mute; her injuries have healed. I have to say that Redeeming Lord Ryder is one of the most unusual historical romances I ve ever read and believe me I ve read a lot of them Part of the Cotswold Confidential series set around a small Victorian era resort town in Gloucestershire specializing in restorative cures both hero and heroine are undergoing treatment at the resort throughout the book Nicola was in a train accident so traumatic she lost the ability to speak Her PTSD and repressed memories are beautifully dealt with in the book as is her focussing her attentions inwards to discover what she truly wants from life in the end discovering that even something so terrible can bring its own kind of blessings in the lessons we learn Jack is the brilliant wealthy inventor whose company built the bridge which collapsed to cause the railway accident While neither Jack nor Nicola are aware at first of this connection between them it s a major plot point and cause of dramatic tension in the story It can t have been easy to write a romance where only one of the characters is able to properly converse though Maggie Robinson worked around it by having Nicola pen messages in a notebook The village of Puddling on the Wold and the eccentric cast of characters there was brilliantly built and although this is the third book in the series you certainly don t have to have read the previous books to thoroughly enjoy this one previous characters made no than the briefest of appearances This was charming different and thought provoking not to mention offering an intriguing glimpse into Victorian era medical thought Five stars Disclaimer I received a copy of this book for review through NetGalley

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Redeeming Lord Ryder Cotswold Confidential #3

Read & Download Ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ý Maggie Robinson Redeeming Lord Ryder Cotswold Confidential #3 Free download ↠ 109 Maggie Robinson Ý 9 Free download Used a dreadful bridge collapse Nothing has assuaged his guilt over the passenger train that crashed or the lives that were destroyed The stringent regimen at Puddling is not doing much for his deep depression until he meets his mysteriously silent neighbor Their fiery affair breaks all the rules but will the unspoken truth be too hot to handl. This is the third book in Maggie Robinson s Cotswold Confidential series after Schooling the Viscount and Seducing Mr Sykes and I am delighted to say that the series started strong and has gotten better with each book Jack and Nicola are appealing characters who easily win the reader s affection They also sustain the reader s interest perhaps a difficult feat They have real problems but they are than their problems Nicola s muteness renders her vulnerable but it does not diminish her uiet intelligence or subtle strength Jack s charm is obvious and his intellect extraordinary but his appeal rests on less showy ualities as well such as his sense of humor and his honorOne of the strengths of this late Victorian set series has been the skill with which Robinson captures the way industrialization affected all areas of life and the growing sense that progress was not delivering all it had promised That she manages to do this in books bright with laughter makes the series truly remarkable Much of the laughter is attributable to the community and its residents who for the most part are devoted to preserving their livelihood and benevolently disposed toward their guests I am particularly fond of Dr Oakley Ham Ross and Moll the dogIf you like historical romance that moves beyond the conventional settings of Regency ballroom or country house party if you appreciate stories that make you laugh and provide food for thought I highly recommend Redeeming Lord Ryder I loved it and I am hoping for Puddling on the Wold stories See full review at The Romance Dish

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Read & Download Ê E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ý Maggie Robinson Redeeming Lord Ryder Cotswold Confidential #3 Free download ↠ 109 Maggie Robinson Ý 9 Free download But try as she might she cannot utter a sound With her family and fiancé at their wits’ end Nicola knows Puddling is the resort the last resort that holds any hope for her recovery Lord Jack Ryder baron businessman and some say mad genius has gone from the heights of success to hit rock bottom after a faulty girder from his iron foundry ca. Coincidencefancy meeting you here In Redeeming Lord Ryder by Maggie Robinson we are asked to believe that a woman Nicola who lost her voice in a train wreck and a man Jack who is responsible for the train wreck end up in the same place at the same time for rehabilitation and fall in love Kismet destiny karma or coincidence Could be all of those but it s also the plot all boiled down to one sentence but of course that isn t all there is to it We after all have a ton of pages to fillActually this book started out promising Nicola lost her voice because of the trauma of being in a train wreck in which a couple of people were killed She has journeyed to Pudding on the Wold for rehabilitation but it s not working She has not regained her voice back however she has grown uite comfortable in her little cottage Unlike some of the previous books in this series her keepers have been kind to her She eats what she wants she goes where she wants she is able to communicate with her family and she seems to be independently wealthy She s even been kicking around the idea of staying in her cottage forever though she hasn t figured out how she will manage that Her fianc broke off the engagement when she lost her voice but she has accepted that after all he has dreams of being a politician and everyone knows a wife of a politician needs to have the ability to talk So she understands in fact Nicola understands almost everythingThen we have Jack Lord Ryder and he has come to Pudding on the Wold because he feels a tremendous amount of guilt over the train wreck Nicola was in It s a crippling amount of guilt You see it was his foundry which produced the faulty girder which then caused a bridge to collapse which then caused the train to plunge which then caused two deaths and Nicola s injuries Jack has overcompensated for the disaster He has dumped every business he owns which may injure anyone even if the injuries are in the most infinitesimal of ways He has helped the two families who suffered the losses of their loved ones but he just can t get over the horrible guilt He is one big angst lumpJack and Nicola encounter each other by accident on one of their walks one day and the sparks fly They are instantly in lust with each other but they also become friends Of course they have their keepers to contend with Their keepers do not allow any kind of hanky panky at Pudding on the Wold and if any of you are familiar with the previous books in this series you will know that is a big joke no hanky panky my eye Anyway neither Jack nor Nicola know who each other is nor do they have any idea of how much they have in common This will of course lead to a big misunderstanding followed by an even bigger conniption fit by our hero I will be honest with you here by the time the conniption fit rolls around I had become somewhat bored with this couple and the hero s big snit seemed to be way out of proportion to what actually happenedMuch to my sorrow I struggled with this book I started to lose interest in Nicola and Jack about half way through All I wanted to do was finish this story so there was some skip reading toward the ending I couldn t find anything to connect with either Nicola or Jack I grew tired of Jack s continual guilt fest and tired of Nicola s trying to seduce Jack I know I m in trouble when a book allows my mind to wanderPonder moment Why do a lot of authors use the grand old oral hanky panky ooh la la moments as the first sexual encounter of heroes and heroines I ve thought about this a lot lately because it s not just Ms Robinson who fills her books with insert tongue here first time occasions I m often startled when these first time episodes happen and here s why Usually these encounters are the woman s first time at any kind of sexual intimacy ever She is in all likelihood a total innocent in ways than one She doesn t know anything about the organ or the act On top of that she probably doesn t even know the guy all that much Remember I m talking about historical romance novels not Fifty Shades of Whatever stuffIt seems to me that this kind of first time moment implies a whole different type of intimacy And it should be than just a method of birth control When someone is rooting around underneath a skirt there is involved than just a moment of relief Allowing someone to do this is highly personal it involves all kinds of trust issues You are opening yourself up to all kinds of up close and personal stuff For a long time I ve thought that this act is intimate than the actual big bang moment So to have someone you barely know or a couple who have just met or for this to be an innocent s first time is bothersome to me I have finally arrived at the conclusion that this type of intimacy is an expression of trust for a couple and I wish authors would write these encounters after the big bang and not as a precursor to it Or even worse as a writer delay build the tension scintillate tool I asked my husband his opinion and he like all good husbands agreed with me And that is my rant Writing of the act itself does not bother me the placement of it in a book does It s been on my mind lately while reading romance books and it just so happened that this is the book that triggered my ponder momentBottom line I had trouble with this book While the premise of the book had possibilities the luv couple didn t connect They didn t connect with each other and they didn t connect with me I was disappointed