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  • The Root of Magic
  • Kathleen Benner Duble
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  • 23 April 2019
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Kathleen Benner Duble Û 4 Read & Download The Root of Magic Read & Download ¶ 104 Ture that could save or hurt the people she loves most Publication is planned for spring 201. I loved this book This is a middle grade novel you won t want to missIt s a uiet book with a uiet cover It wasn t released with a ton of fanfare so I could see how most people would pass over this book in favor of something with a bright colorful cover or a book with a ton of hype around it But that would be a mistake This book is beautiful A delight It s a genuine story with a deeper message It s about Willow her brother Wisp and their mother They re traveling home from a hockey game when they get caught in a blizzard and nearly plunge into a river They are saved by some kind souls and taken to a BB in a small town called Kismet While they wait out the storm and get to know the townspeople better Willow and her family realize that there is something strange about the town This book is a little bit spooky in a few spots but it s not scary I loved the story I loved Willow and her new friend Topher I loved her bravery and her courage She has deep thoughts for a twelve year old and she fights hard to save herself and her family The story raises uestions about fate choices magic family and free will It would be fantastic for a middle school book club family book club or classroom discussionThis isn t a long book It s just over 200 pages so if you want something short magical and completely heartfelt pick this one up It s a uiet gem and it s 100% worth the read I highly recommend itContent one innocent kiss malefemaleSource The publisher sent me a copy of this book

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The Root of Magic

Kathleen Benner Duble Û 4 Read & Download The Root of Magic Read & Download ¶ 104 Alist story about a strange town where residents can see the future and a brave girl's adven. kidlitexchange partner The Root of Magic by Kathleen Benner Duble Releases June 11th 2019 The Root of Magic is written in third person present tense If you can get used to that you ll have no problem I had to get used to it but it still in no way distracted me from the plot In The Root of Magic a small family finds themselves stranded by a snowstorm in a town where right away everything feels off In fact to me before I knew what was going on it felt downright sinister but maybe I ve read too much dark YA lately Everyone acts weird and no one will explain what s going on Willow our young main character ultimately discovers the truth the town itself is magic with a supernatural mind and will of its own and everyone age 13 and up must make a decision They can stay trapped forever by the town and gain the ability to see into the future one day at a time or they can leave and never see their families again The Root of Magic raises the complex issues of our predetermined destinies our free will and how on earth the two can ever coexist On June 11 you can enter this troubling town of secrets and dark magic yourself Thank you kidlitexchange and randomhousekids for the review copy all opinions are my own

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Kathleen Benner Duble Û 4 Read & Download The Root of Magic Read & Download ¶ 104 Delacorte Press has acuired Kathleen Benner Duble's untitled middle grade novel a magical re. I received this book through NetGalleyThis thought provoking middle grade book is about fate and the power of choice Willow has become a miniature adult in her family Her younger brother is deathly sick and undiagnosed despite endless tests their mom is obsessed with curing the boy with Willow ignored and their dad has moved out unable to handle anything In the thick one of snowstorm Willow her mom and brother wreck their car but find themselves promptly rescued by people from a small town But Willow is soon unnerved by the weird way townsfolk predict what she will do It s like magicI really enjoyed this book and I really would have loved it as a kid Willow is easy to relate to smart complicated and nosy about the town secrets Her family dynamics felt realistic The moral dilemma presented by the book is handled well too It would open up opportunities for deep discussions between kids and adults about what they would choose and why