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  • 04 October 2020
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Brave Enough Read ✓ 104 Hiding an injury and it's much worse than anyone imaginesDavis Channing understands all too well what it's like to give up control of your life He's survived cancer but his drug addiction nearly killed him Now he's been sober for seven months and enjoying his community service at the. This is a story of Cason Martin and Davis Channing Their sickness brought them together as both of them are cancer survivors Besides cancer Cason also struggles with her shattered dream of being a ballerina and Davis stuggles with drug addiction I liked Davis s character because he is so caring and supportive Cason on the other hand was too bland for me I tried but I could not connect with herOverall I have mixed feelings about this book Coming from an author who is a cancer survivor herself I highly appreciate her writing but for me it lacked depth A lot of the stuff was repetitive and hence boring I wanted to know about Davis except that he is a drug addict and he wants to use some but sadly a good part of the book was comprised of this

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Brave Enough Read ✓ 104 Hospital But just when he thinks he's got it together Davis's ex girlfriend who is still battling her addiction barrels back into his lifeCason and Davis are not friends But as their worlds collide they will start to depend on one another Can they both be brave enough to beat the odds. I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher North Star Editions in exchange for my honest review Your smile is one of my favorite things And not just on you like it s one of my favorite things in this world After finishing this novel I mainly have positive things to say I love the setting of the story I always have been interested in hospital storylines I really enjoyed how much the characters developed over the length of the story And I didn t hate any of the characters besides Natalie for about half of the book For me Brave Enough was very fast paced and a novel I was able to dive deep into immediately which I lovedThe problem areas for me though are I felt like the plot fell a little short after half of the story Too much happened to soon so much that I remember looking at the page I was on thinking Oh dang if it s like this half way through something even better must be coming To me nothing else was very interesting besides the ending life decisions for each character One other thing that irked me was how Cason talks about dancing I understand she is passionate and devastated over the loss of her true love but the way she was CONSTANTLY talking about herself dancing with perfect this and perfect that bothered me because I felt like she was one of those snobby performers you see at conventions and competitions yes I am a dancer of 18 years so it probably didn t bother most people I also would have liked to see of how Cason and Davis get to this point of liking each other rather then them seeing each other once and being like OOO I like that person even though they didn t know who the other was I give this story 35 stars because it was a cute uick read that I was having fun with while reading I also really loved how caring Davis was even though he was dealing with his own problems he was always right at Cason s bedside when she need a friend Definitely recommend this one Check out the full review on my blogwwwsavedbythebookcom

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Brave Enough Read ✓ 104 Teenager Cason Martin is the youngest ballerina in the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory She never really had a choice of whether she learned to dance or not Her mother the conservatory's artistic director has made all the decisions in Cason's life But that's about to change Cason has been. Cason Martin is not a typical high school student She attends half days and classes only Isolating yet unavoidable As prima ballerina in the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory properly preparing to audition for the American Ballet Theatre she only has time to dance This plan has been in place for as long as Cason can remember No distractions allowed certainly not this nagging pain in her knee Everything changes in an instant when Cason learns that she won t be pampering a pulled muscle The injury in fact is a much bigger deal Natalie Martin probably wouldn t be a warm and fuzzy maternal figure even if she wasn t Cason s artistic director first single parent second Nonetheless her assessment of her daughter s diagnosis as an inconvenient time burglar is almost stunning Cason isn t necessarily surprised by her mom s reaction but she can t help being disappointed and frustrated Maybe she can t count on her mother but no one should suffer sickness alone It is often other adolescents that have dealt with disease who come together to create the strongest support system Davis Channing conuered cancer but now he has a different fight on his hands with the demon of addiction Recovering while repaying his debt to society has Davis volunteering in the very hospital that treated him He may not be just what Cason needs but the dude knows everyone and is effortlessly the epitome of a kind soul His sincere desire to be beneficial is evident The fact that he could use a friend right now is notI read a lot as a teen but I can only recall one instance when a serious illness affected anyone my age Now we have non fiction and realistic fiction options for high school and middle grade readers that talk about kids being seriously sick Ms Gardner joins awe inspiring authors such as Josh Sunduist Sophia Bennett Jordan Sonnenblick and John Green to fill this void Compassionately composed Brave Enough is an honest journey from heart ache to hope that deftly demonstrates the strength resilience and adaptability of our youth This review was written by jv poore for Buried Under Books with huge thanks to North Star EditionsFlux Publicity Department for the Advance Review Copy