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  • Paperback
  • 162
  • Kidnapped
  • Claire Thompson
  • English
  • 21 September 2019
  • 9781439200728

Claire Thompson ✓ 7 review

Claire Thompson ✓ 7 review Read & Download í eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Claire Thompson Free read Kidnapped Not for the faint of heart this erotic tale of forced bondage and servitude will grip you by the throat and not let go until the last thrilling page Lisa known as Slave Jade online is a naive but eager player at a BDSM chat site There she falls hard for sensual romantic Master Joh. No HEA no romantic connection no hot non consensual sex scenes no alpha male with a dark side no funwhatsoever The hero is CREEPY and the book seems to be of a cautionary tale on the pitfalls of finding an online Master NOT sexy and NOT my cup of tea I ve read other books by this author on similar subjects but the previous books always had the hero and heroine connecting in a sexual and emotional way However this book was about rape and deception and nothing else I disliked it so much I permanently deleted it from my Kindle

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Claire Thompson ✓ 7 review Read & Download í eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Claire Thompson Free read Kidnapped Submission and terror Shackled whipped and sexually tortured she nearly loses her identity succumbing at last to a constant barrage of training techniues and deprivation An explicit disturbing and erotic exploration into the twisted mind of a sadist and the woman he claims to love. Nope still not interested I completely hated this Gilbert guy But then again now that I think about it I believe my reaction may just be the reaction this book is intended to produce I originally gave this story 2 stars but that seems uite unfair Gilbert is reality Not the hunk of a man who usually traps poor defenseless souls that eventually fall at his feet Gilbert is the truth of the world He is what lurks in the darkness He is the one who watches from a distance obsessing and waiting for the right moment to make you his He is not your normal storybook kidnapper He makes it real He can t even live up to his own ideal reality of himself He is lacking in every department that makes him a compassionate human Gilbert is the definition of evil and what evil can do This story turns out to be the HEA of the reality of being trapped and taken For this alone i have to give this 3 stars I didn t dislike it but I didn t love it

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Claire Thompson ✓ 7 review Read & Download í eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Claire Thompson Free read Kidnapped N never dreaming of his plans to ensnare her Gilbert Johnson a lonely and dangerous man has plans for Slave Jade It's only a matter of time before he captures her for his own twisted sadistic pleasures Plucked brutally from her life Lisa finds herself caught in a vortex of forced. My first introduction to erotic genre and erotic romance was Claire Thompson s Two Masters for Alex I d liked it Unfortunately that was my only positive experience Non con is an itch of mine that I d hoped to scratch with Claire Thompson s dark erotic works but I guess her works don t push uite the right buttons Slave Jade and The Frog A Tale of Sexual Torture and Degradation before that paled in comparison to Kitty Thomas s Comfort Food Kitty Thomas effortlessly added depth to Comfort Food with a clear psychological theme In Comfort Food the reader interacts only with the characters While Claire Thompson attempted to explore the minds of sociopaths and their victims to portray the victims as discovering a core strength while becoming sexually awakened it was not clearly and convincingly delivered Her particular writing style also did not lend itself to this goal as she sometimes injected an authorial voice into her writing This jarred me from the story and with Slave Jade it became obvious to me that she was telling me what was supposed to be happening between victim and sociopath instead of showing me I guess that is why her non con works failed with me If you want non con with substance and a work that shows rather than tells the reader what happens I recommend Kitty Thomas s Comfort FoodI may try one of her non con works Slave Island but I ve removed the others from my TBR list Instead I ll stick with her usual BDSM erotic romance books since I still have fond memories of Two Masters for Alex