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  • Household Gods
  • Judith Tarr
  • English
  • 14 April 2019
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Household Gods Read & Download ½ 104 Nicole Gunther Perrin is a modern young professional lawyer proud of her skills but weary of the daily grind of childcare sexist coworkers and her deadbeat ex husband Then after one exceptionally awful day she awakens to find herself in a different life that of a widowed tavernkeeper on the Roman front. Yuck Sanctimonious self righteous nineties divorced lawyer and mother of two has a bad day gets sent back in time to the second century CE has a bad life comes back to the present all wise and everything and is just as sanctimonious and self righteous but now with good for her anyway outcomesUnpleasant character who should have been crucified Time travel was nicely handled Nothing but NOthing should cause you to pick this book up as anything other than a defensive weapon 500 pages in 6 x 9 trim size hefty It wasn t execrable merely average for the genre No excuse for that kind of book taking up your eyeblinks This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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Household Gods Read & Download ½ 104 OdwillNo uitter Nicole manages to adapt despite endless worry about the fate of her children back in the twentieth century Then plague sweeps through Carnuntum followed by brutal war Amidst pain and loss on a level she had never imagined Nicole must find a reservoir of strength she had never known befo. This is one book that has stayed with me Great read I absolutely loved discovering what life was like in a 2d century Roman frontier Carnuntum Vienna town along with the protagonist who finds herself transported back in time from modern day While she suddenly now speaks and understand Latin she still thinks like a 21st c woman and remembers modern life so the lifestyle changes are a bit overwhelming Far from landing in a simpler time she finds all the same problems and just dressed differently Very dense in detail It almost seemed like a game of Survivor can she make soap invent healthier foodstuffs I learned than I ever wanted to know about Roman sanitary or lack of practices in the provinces general bodily functions but it gave me plenty to think about from child care to philosophical uestions Loved it

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Household Gods Read & Download ½ 104 Ier around AD 170Delighted at first she uickly begins to realize that her new world is as complicated as her old Violence dirt and pain are everywhere; slavery is commonplace gladiators kill for sport and drunkenness is taken for granted Yet somehow people manage to face life everyday with humor and go. Time travel to ancient Rome Yes Except ugh Could we have a better protagonist pleaseSo we ve got this nineties single working mother who upon having an incredibly shitty day wishes to go to a simpler time and is sent mind not body to a second century Roman town Sounds like fun except that Nicole Gunther Perrin is apparently the stupidest most uneducated lawyer that s ever existed and that severely diminished my enjoyment of this story For one she s feels likes a liberal feminist as written by someone who has never met an actual liberal feminist and definitely has a poor opinion of us open minded when it conveniences her and snidely dismissive of men no matter how they treat her Nicole sees ulterior motives in men everywhere and comes off as stuck up and narcissistic She s incredibly judgmental somewhat condescending and barely even thinks about her children when she s in the pastMore disturbing is the fact that apparently Nicole has never studied ancient history The fact that people including children in the past drank wine and beer regularly HORRIFIES her she s SHOCKED by the existence of slaves she s APPALLED by parents smacking their children etc It s very very hard to root for a 30 something heroine that is so ignorantThe writing here contains a lot of telling not showing which served to make me constantly think I d missed something Nicole reminisces about her daughter doing a certain activity but we ve never been shown that She remembers a conversation that we never read It s a weird amateurish writing decision and ultimately distracting