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  • Her Royal Highness Royals #2
  • Rachel Hawkins
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  • 12 October 2020
  • 9781524738266

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Download ¼ Her Royal Highness Royals #2 100 Rachel Hawkins Ò 0 Read & download Summary Her Royal Highness Royals #2 Epted into one of the world's most exclusive schools located in the rolling highlands of Scotland Everything about Scotland is different the country is misty and green; the school is gorgeous and the students think Americans are cuteThe only problem Mille's roommate Flora is a total princessShe's also an actual princess Of ScotlandAt. It s all fun and gaymes until you realize you could have have rewritten approximately a third of the book and it would have ended up 5x better despite not even being a half decent writerThe issue with this book is that the pacing is completely off I honestly would have rated it higher if the pacing hadn t been so weird and janky because it s a fluffy book that you could simply have a lot of fun reading But my slight enjoyment of the book couldn t compete with how there s pretty much zero development of the relationship after the characters get together or how the ending was abrupt unsatisfying and felt unfinished or how the book jumps from one thing to another with seemingly no buildup or growthI think this was meant to be a very light and fluffy book purely for enjoyment which is fine and it mostly was Millie and Flora were definitely cute together and it was a decently entertaining read I was never really bored with the book only frustrated that it was inadeuately written and I liked the characters banter Though it was annoying that some side characters were so relevant at certain times and then didn t even seem to exist at others The writing was also really easy to read which I especially appreciated since I was slumping and there were some scenes I thought were super cute Overall however I felt a very large disconnect from the story and characters and didn t really care when something major happened most likely because of the insufficient buildup to said events And when I m not invested in the characters that throws everything off and diminishes my enjoyment of the book by a lot Truly this book could have been written so much better and it had so much potential beyond what it was actually able to achieve If you re looking for a uick fun ff book to read this might be the one for you But it s likely that your enjoyment will be hindered by its lack of development and poor writing overall rep bi MC lesbian LI ueer side characters content warnings loss of parent cheating not main couple buddy read with my Asian faves Thank you to Penguin for providing me a copy of this book This did not affect my opinion in any way

Summary Her Royal Highness Royals #2Her Royal Highness Royals #2

Download ¼ Her Royal Highness Royals #2 100 Rachel Hawkins Ò 0 Read & download Summary Her Royal Highness Royals #2 First the girls can barely stand each other Flora is both high class and high key but before Millie knows it she has another sort of best friendsort of girlfriend Even though Princess Flora could be a new chapter in her love life Millie knows the chances of happily ever afters are slim after all real life isn't a fairy tale or is it. Another royal romanceThis is the companion novel to Royals or Prince Charming but it can safely be read as a standalone Daisy her sister and boyfriend make only a short appearance and you will not feel lost at any point But you can certainly get lost in the interesting and unusual romance between Peasant Millie and Princess Flora I ll allow it This story combines some of my top favourite things in books boarding schools princesses and enemies to lovers relationships Millie and Flora do not get off on the right foot and it takes them time to connect neither of them knowing how to behave around the other Besides Flora wants to go home and Millie was ecstatic to be getting a scholarship so she s not going anywhere It seems like they couldn t be differentBut opposites attract And I don t think it s possible not to have something in common with another person any person Sure you may not be soul mates but there must be one thing you can agree on or share together Millie finds that in Flora and Flora while cold and distant in the beginning starts to remove some of the brick walls surrounding her heart as she gets to know her roommate Did I not mention they re rooming together Oh yeah baby Have fun reading this I sure did Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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Download ¼ Her Royal Highness Royals #2 100 Rachel Hawkins Ò 0 Read & download Summary Her Royal Highness Royals #2 Millie uint is devastated when she discovers that her sort of best friendsort of girlfriend has been kissing someone else And because Millie cannot stand the thought of confronting her ex every day she decides to apply for scholarships to boarding schools the farther from Houston the betterMillie can't believe her luck when she's acc. I really thought I didn t like contemporary romance but turns out I was just bored of reading about straight people pulling the same shit over and over again and I m definitely here for the concept of falling in love with your royal classmate in boarding school BUT MAKE IT GAY