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CHARACTERS Jingle Bell Rock 100 ErWhat Booker Dean wants for Christmas isn't under the tree it's right next door Frances Kennedy is everything Booker desiresand the gift he has planned for her involves a lot of delicious unwrapping All She Wants for ChristmasJanelle DenisonWhen sexy pediatrician Matthew Carlton plays Santa pulling Faith Roberts onto his lap he has no idea what's on her Christmas wish listor how much he'll enjoy fulfilling every bit of it Turning Up the HeatSusan DonovanBeing stood up on Christmas Eve is bad enough but now Valerie's furnace is broken too Good thing that sexy repairman is available to raise the temperature dramatically Baby It's Cold. He Sees You When You re Sleeping by Lori Foster 35 starsBooker Dean has been with his girlfriend Judith for 5 months but in the past two months he s fallen for his neighbor Frances When he finds out that his girlfriend has recently propositioned his brother Axel he s ecstatic Ecstatic because he s merely been holding off on pursuing Frannie until he could let Judith down easy Frances wants one thing for Christmas but her hunky neighbor Booker already has a girlfriend So she s stunned when Booker knocks on her door and announces that he wants her It s sudden even though she returns his feeling so she needs some time to thinkbut only a daySo this little story moves extremely fast Over the span of 2 months Frances and Booker hang out like buddies During the 2nd month Booker decides he wants Frances at least than Judith The moment he learns Judith is interested in his doesn t turn down any women brother he makes a play for Frannie by telling her he wants her in his bed and for life essentially in the same breath It s bit far fetched one would hope but no less sweet for a 44 page romance Also I m guessing brother Axel and their friend Cary each have their own short stories via the Dean Brothers Friend seriesAll She Wants for Christmas by Janelle Denison 25 starsThird grade teacher and children s hospital volunteer Faith Roberts has decided that this Christmas she s going to indulge in night of hot anything goes sex with a man whose rud to be very skilled in bed if the gossip around the nurses stations is to be believe Faith hasn t dated since her bad breakup and after this night of passion she s determined to start dating seriously again Pediatric surgeon and playboy Matthew Carlton has been asking her out for months and like her ex who was also wealthy successful Faith has decided he s not marriage or even boyfriend material but she only wants one night and since he s not a commitment guy he s perfect Matthew accepts her proposition for one night of passion but he has something permanent in mind and only 24hrs to convince her they should be together Also there is a brief mention of Adrian Wilde who I m assuming is from The Wilde Series which I have not readThe story was a tiny bit pretty woman minus the prostitute with a good bit of steaminess and build up Faith seemed to get over her resistance to wealthy successful men fairly uickly I guess Matthew really is that good but 51 pages and 24 hours felt a little long in the end Interesting how different 7 pages feels from story 1 to 2Turning Up The Heat by Susan Donovan 4 starsAlone on Christmas Eve Valerie thinks things can t get any sad and then her furnace goes out She s spent a hour on her hair and make up hundreds of dollars on a new dress stockings a shoes and prepared a holiday feast but now alone and waiting on the repair man from Ferguson Heating and Cooling she decides it all to pathetic that know one else gets to enjoy it Plus she s convinced that the repairman will be some poor bald loser with a beer belly named Earl or Cletus with no family or relationship keeping him home on Christmas Eve She s right about one thing His name is Earl ha but she was wrong about everything else concerning the gorgeous man who has been sent to put the heat back into her ummunitThis one is bold funny sexy dirty surprising and really great You will laugh out loud and smile profusely If you don t you re ice cold One of the best I ve read in any anthology but also pretty awesome on it s own Amazing the zing you can pack into 42 pagesBaby It s Cold Outside by Donna Kauffman 2 stars for the beginning 3 for the relationshipboldnessAt age 18 Jace Morgan and Suzanna York lost their virginity to one another Though they were in love they were both leaving their small Virgina town to pursue college degrees in Indiana and Georgia respectively So they did the mature thing and promised to remain the best of friends during their years away That lasted 6 months and Jace never heard from Zan again So 10 years after they left he s returned home even though it s never really felt that way to pursue a career as a teacher He figures he might run into Zan and that will be okay but he admits that she still holds a tiny but significant piece of his heart A heart he s never been able to give to another women Still he never expects her mother to call out of the blue and ask him to fetch Zan from the train station on Christmas Eve Suzanna knows she s to blame for her and Jace no longer being friends She made a terrible mistake and would take it all back She s hoped to run into Jace during on of his visits home these last 10 years but he s never been back Still she s thought about him everyday Daydreamed about him and fantasied about him at night Can the love she shared with Jace really be as incredible as she remembered It doesn t matter though since she s sure Jace will not want to speak to her even if he was here But Suzanna is about to have all her uestions answered when she departs her train and Jace is there waitingThis one was filled with pent up passion and lots of forthright bold thoughts from the word go so I expected it to be a w e s o m e When the couple finally gets together whether simply talking or ah it is pretty great But it took a very very very long winded jumbled time getting there And a handful of times I found myself rereading passages because the sentence structure or word usage or lack there of was odd Also the action shifted a time or two and I thought I must have missed a sentence so I d have to go back and read it again It became tedious If you can skip about 20 of the rambling 60 pages then it would have been better Blue Christmas by Alison Kent2 stars Jessie Buchanan left the small town of September Texas 10 years ago to attend college and flee an abusive father Now she lives in Dallas has a good job great friends a nice boyfriend and a good life But and she s realized that she s missing something and she suspects that the boy she loved at 18 the same one she walked away from 10 years ago is the only man she ll ever find passion with She she s made a plan to visit September one time and seduce Thomas Blue MillerUhh I didn t care for this one The entire first part of the book is either Jess deciding she is going to have sex with Blue who wanted to marry her at 18 but she left him or it was Blue ordering her about in only her thong and heels When they finally start having the sex it s steamy ish but I didn t care because I didn t like the whole set up Each of their motives were yucky and I didn t get a good enough explanation for why Jess left him to begin with besides he father was abusive and no one knew It s been 10 years they ve had no communication he kind of hates her and she has a boyfriend who doesn t ignite any passion but they are both than happy to bone instantly Plus he tells her she s every man s dream a whore in bed How romantical Then after a few orgasms all is forgiven at least mentally though no one says it aloud They part but later he s come a knocking and they say they love each other and then the story is over It was only ok if you can get past the plot but it had a couple of nice steamy parts if you like being called a whoreThe Nutcracker Sweet by Nancy Warrenstars 354Tara Ellison is a numbers and receipts kinda gal so when the company s traveling sales managers categorize expenditures on expense reports as miscellaneous it drives her insane Daniel Jarvis is the worst offender so she meticulously combs his reports making sure he s not charging the company for his out of town play girls as well Daniel calls Tara the Ballbuster and since he drew her name at the office Secret Santa he thought it a fitting gift to get her a silver nutcracker That was until Tara overheard his private conversation telling a friend that Tara s problem was that she needed to get laid Then Tara did the most shocking thing She asked Daniel if he was up for the job Was she kidding Serious All he knows is that after thinking about Tara he sure as hell wants to find outI immensely enjoy adversarial romantic relationships so I liked the idea of this one instantly The story unfolds uickly and it has endless steamy and several funny moments With the exception of these two professing their love at the end this story was a home run in the anthology world

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CHARACTERS Jingle Bell Rock 100 OutsideDonna KauffmanIt's been ten years since Susanna York left Jace Morgan Now as fate reunites them during a holiday snowstorm they'll have plenty of time to discover that distance only sharperns certain hungers A Blue ChristmasAlison KentThomas Blue Miller never expected to see Jessie Buchanan on his Christmas tree farm again But now that she's here he's ready to show her exactly what she's been missing The Nutcracker SweetNancy WarrenCo workers Daniel and Tara couldn't hate each other So when they end up as Secret Santa partners it's a perfect chance for revenge and a dare that just may ignite the steamiest night of their lives. He Sees You When You re SleepingLori Foster All She Wants for ChristmasJanelle Denison 15Turning Up the HeatSusan Donovan Baby It s Cold OutsideDonna Kauffman A Blue ChristmasAlison Kent The Nutcracker SweetNancy Warren

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CHARACTERS Jingle Bell Rock 100 They're big they're bad and they're everywhere Brava's national bestselling anthologies continue to delight devoted fans across the country and the franchise that began with All Through the Night now brings a whole new meaning to the idea of Christmas ecstasy Featuring a six pack of top notch bestselling romance writers Jingle Bell Rock will be the next best thing to eggnog to celebrate Christmas cheer Skip the mistletoe you won't need it after you indulge in these six tempting tales of romance filled with the sort of naughty but oh so nice men who make the season so bright it's downright hot He Sees You When You're SleepingLori Fost. Reviewed for THC Reviews35 stars overall He Sees You When You re Sleeping by Lori Foster I thought that He Sees You When You re Sleeping was a little light on the plot and character development It is basically all about the hero Booker finding out that he is finally free of a past romantic entanglement He then immediately sets out to get the heroine Frances into his bed and a whole lot I normally enjoy the friends to lovers theme but even though Booker and Frances had been hanging out as buddies for the past two months I still felt like things moved too uickly for them I liked Frances and respected her for keeping things purely platonic between them even though she had fallen for Booker almost as soon as she moved in next door She also insisted that he officially break up with his ex before they could start anything with each other There was just something about the way that things developed with Booker though that didn t uite sit well with me He had fallen for Frances while he was still involved with another woman Judith and then he strung Judith along for a full month even though he knew that the spark was gone from their relationship and it was essentially over The author says it was because he was a nice guy and was looking for just the right way to break up but in the end all it accomplished was making both him and Judith unhappy and drove her to try to cheat with Booker s brother When Booker realized that he didn t have to do the breaking up which felt like he was trying to take the easy way out he then immediately went to Frances with what I thought was a rather arrogant attitude as though he didn t expect to be turned down He did soften up later on and I thought that them baking cookies together and talking through the connecting wall of their bedrooms was rather cute The love scenes were pretty steamy which I would expect from Lori Foster as this is an area where she seems to excel in her writing Since I ve only read one other story by Ms Foster I don t know if including the ex is a typical thing for her to do but the other story had this element too While I don t mind if the hero has a past with other women I don t care to hear about those exploits or to have the other woman play any kind of role in the story I m also not a fan of two brothers casually dating andor sleeping with the same woman That s something that just seems like it would be very weird and complicated in real life but was treated very casually in this story He Sees You When You re Sleeping is the first in a trilogy of novellas titled Dean Brothers Friend The third story Playing Doctor features Booker s brother Axel as the hero and the second story Some Like It Hot has their friend Cary as the hero From what I could tell in this novella Cary seemed like a fairly decent guy but Axel s extreme playboy persona did not endear me to him at all Even though these two are both doctors which I usually like I probably won t be in any hurry to pick up their stories Overall He Sees You When You re Sleeping was an OK read but I just didn t feel connected enough to the characters or plot to really love it I know that a lot of romance readers rave about Lori Foster but I m beginning to think that her style may not be for me I might give her another chance with a full length novel though before throwing in the towel Star Rating 12 All She Wants for Christmas by Janelle Denison It took me a little while to get into All She Wants for Christmas mainly because when I started it I couldn t help thinking that it was basically a carbon copy of the first two books of the Wilde series Hero who has an undeserved bad boy persona but underneath really has a heart of gold and strong family ties check Heroine who only wants a sexual fling because of a past relationship gone bad with a similar type of guy check Hero who doggedly pursues the heroine attempting to convince her she s the one for him check If it hadn t been for the redundancy or if I had spread them out and hadn t just read the first two Wilde stories within the last month I might have been able to give this one keeper status Matthew was a to die for hero a rich successful pediatric surgeon who s great with kids and unbeknownst to anyone has been looking for a woman who wants him and not his money or the prestige of being married to a doctor Faith is a schoolteacher and hospital volunteer who loves kids every bit as much as he does and has been attracted to his seemingly good heart as well as his gorgeous body However Matthew has a really bad reputation with the ladies around the hospital and after a nasty breakup that left her heartbroken she hasn t been able to bring herself to take a chance on him and accept his numerous reuests for dates Instead she decides to ask him for her Christmas wish of a steamy one night stand I loved that Matthew had wanted Faith for six months and the second she gave him an opening he was ready willing and able to do anything and everything to convince her that he was in love with her He was definitely a dream man who knew how to seduce and pamper a woman If I weren t a married woman I wouldn t mind finding a Matthew under my tree on Christmas morning to unwrap I could kind of understand Faith s reluctance to get involved with Matthew thinking what she did of him I don t mind sexually aggressive heroines once in a while but I just don t relate to them uite as well as ones who aren t Perhaps having three heroines in a row like that who also harbored the same basic commitment issues was just a bit too much for me I was glad however that she didn t fight it for long I can t imagine any woman being able to resist Matthew after all he did for her so at least that part was believable for me Aside from the plot and character repetition so far all the Wilde series stories have been pretty good reads and overall so was All She Wants for Christmas This novella gives a brief introduction to Chayse Douglas who is apparently acuainted with Adrian Wilde and becomes his heroine in the next story The Wilde One Bad Boys to Go anthology and Ashley St Claire who is the heroine of book 5 The Wilde Side I do plan to continue with the Wilde series but hope that Janelle Denison has a bit creativity in store for future books or maybe I should just put a lot space in between them Star Rating Turning Up the Heat by Susan Donovan I spent the majority of my time reading Turning Up the Heat thinking that it was a nice little fantasy scenario but not one that worked well for me personally It seemed to be based primarily on stranger sex which is generally one of my least favorite romance themes I really tried to get into it but up until the last chapter or so I couldn t help wondering how the hero and heroine could possibly have this wild elaborate sexual encounter with someone they d just met Knowing that Valerie appeared to be having a lonely Christmas Eve I wanted to just go with the flow but her sexual daring was kind of weirding me out as was Earl s forcefulness at one point and the lack of any sort of protection Granted the author dropped a few hints along the way as to where things were leading but in spite of that she still managed to completely catch me off guard with a big plot twist near the end which saved the whole story from getting a lower rating from me While I admire her skill for being able to do that this is an extremely rare case where I think I would have enjoyed the novella if I d known the ending first As written there wasn t a lot of character development either I m sure this story would appeal to other readers than it did to me but it didn t uite turn up the heat for me as well as it could have Turning Up the Heat was my first read by Susan Donovan Other than a few odd word choices she had a pretty solid writing style which leaves me open to trying something else by her in the future Star Rating 12 Note This novella has a few instances of slightly explicit language that is typically reserved for the erotic genre but otherwise the sexual content is on par with most steamy mainstream romances Baby It s Cold Outside by Donna Kauffman Baby It s Cold Outside centered around one of my all time favorite romance themes the reunion but in spite of that it still fell pretty flat for me I like introspective characters but the first two chapters of this story were almost entirely nothing but a running commentary of what each one was thinking I realized that the author was attempting to do some character development by giving the reader background information and establishing that Jace and Suzanna still had deep feelings for one another even after ten years apart but in my opinion this wasn t the best way to go about it Once the two characters started having some dialog it was a little better but then their conversations were so freuently punctuated with internal ruminations that I often lost track of what they were talking about The steam level of the story was pretty good and could have been great if the author had kept a steady flow going in the narrative of the love scene As it was written though it seemed like the hero and heroine couldn t decide if they wanted to make love or talk out their problems so the scene went on for about three whole chapters I think it would have been better if they had talked first and made love later because they started and stopped so many times I was beginning to get frustrated I also thought the reasons that Jace and Zan had parted company ten years before and never sought each other out when it became clear that they were still hopelessly in love were for the most part rather weak and mainly a result of pride on both their parts Overall this wasn t a truly bad novella but there were just too many parts that felt forced for it to be truly good Ultimately it did not hold my attention very well at all Baby It s Cold Outside is the first story in the Men of Rogues Hollow series in which each book or novella revolves around one of the Morgan brothers Jace s other three brothers were mentioned in passing but no carry over characters actually appeared which gives me the feeling that each volume may stand fairly well on its own The remaining stories in the series are Exposed from Bad Boys Next Exit Catch Me if You Can and Making Waves from Merry Christmas Baby This was also my first read by Donna Kauffman and even though she didn t wow me this time I may continue the series at some point and will keep an open mind about reading other works by her in the future Star Rating 12 A Blue Christmas by Alison Kent A Blue Christmas was a surprisingly heartfelt and emotional read about two former teenage lovers who ve never been able to forget one another and who reunite ten years after they last saw each other just in time for Christmas I absolutely love a good reunion romance so this little story was very appealing to me I wish that I could have gotten to know Jessie better Her reasons for leaving Thomas aka Blue a decade earlier made sense but it would have been nice to know about her past Although he was understandably angry and resentful when Jessie walked back into his life after so long Blue was obviously a very loving and forgiving man to let go of all the hurt and bad feelings and just allow Jessie into his heart again I loved that the two of them had never found anyone else who could eual the level of passion intimacy and trust they had with one another I do wish that Jessie had come to Blue out of a desire to rekindle their relationship rather then just to find out whether she was actually frigid or could get him out of her system by sharing a wild weekend of sex but it was fairly obvious that she did still love him and was simply holding back her feelings Their love scenes were tender passionate and thoroughly sensual with them giving very freely to each other The ending was sweet and although Jessie and Blue did admit there was a lot of work to do I wished I could have seen how they resolved their issues Oftentimes wanting to know is par for the course with novellas and alls well that ends well I suppose At least I did come away from reading it believing that they could make it work this time Overall A Blue Christmas was a lovely and enjoyable read for me This is the first time I ve read anything by Alison Kent but after this I m definitely open to trying of her work Star Rating 12 Note This novella is the steamiest one in the Jingle Bell Rock anthology It has a little explicit language and some borderline erotic content back door caressing with fingers and tongue which may make some readers uncomfortable The Nutcracker Sweet by Nancy Warren I have to admit that I m not a big fan of the lovehate relationship in romance and The Nutcracker Sweet mainly revolves around this theme I ve just never uite been able to wrap my head around the idea of two people who are at each other s throats in the light of day but have perfect explosive chemistry during their long passionate nights together I m beginning to think this is one of Nancy Warren s favorite themes because it is the second novella of hers that I ve read which is based on it All that said The Nutcracker Sweet had a sort of underlying humor and cuteness to it which made it palatable to me Daniel and Tara are definitely a case of opposites attract in the extreme He is a thoroughly disorganized but charming salesman who hates Tara s nitpicking of his expense reports Tara is a perfectionistic accountant who can t stand Daniel s penchant for not turning in the proper receipts After her daring Secret Santa gift to him they can t keep their hands off of each other What little I got to know both characters in such a short story I generally liked them and their love scenes were hot and steamy The only other thing that wasn t uite to my liking was how uickly things progressed between them They went from driving each other crazy to jumping into bed to falling in love in a mere two weeks Even though they d been co workers for a while this was a little hard for me to swallow However I decided to try to just go with it and overall The Nutcracker Sweet ended up being a fun sexy and pretty well written read which has left me open to trying Nancy Warren again sometime Star Rating

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    READ Jingle Bell Rock [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) SUMMARY É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lori Foster Reviewed for THC Reviews35 stars overall He Sees You When You're Sleeping by Lori Foster – I thought that He Sees You When You're Sleeping was

  2. says: [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) Lori Foster ☆ 0 CHARACTERS SUMMARY É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lori Foster

    READ Jingle Bell Rock [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) Lori Foster ☆ 0 CHARACTERS Nice read The only problem was that the stories were really really short

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    [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) Lori Foster ☆ 0 CHARACTERS He Sees You When You're Sleeping by Lori Foster 35 starsBooker Dean has been with his girlfriend Judith for 5 months but in the past two months he's fallen for his neighbor Frances When he finds out that his girlfriend has recently propositioned his brother Axel he's ecstatic Ecstatic because he's merely been holding off on pursuing Frannie until he could let Judith down easy Frances wants one thing for Christmas but her hunky neighbor B

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    [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) Read for the Lori Foster book but I read book two as well Probably won't read any of themHE SEES YOU WHEN YOU'RE SLEEPING LORI FOSTERVery short faced paced story Not sure how I feel overall felt like it was a case of musical bedsBooker stupid name is told by his brother that his current girlfriend Judith felt hi

  6. says: [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) SUMMARY É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lori Foster

    [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) Lori Foster ☆ 0 CHARACTERS SUMMARY É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lori Foster Very sexy steamy collection of short stories for the holidays Some are better than others naturally but I enjoyed Turning up the heat because of the plot twist the most I was surprised to find this was a library book picke

  7. says: READ Jingle Bell Rock [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) SUMMARY É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lori Foster

    READ Jingle Bell Rock [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) He Sees You When You're SleepingLori Foster★★★All She Wants for ChristmasJanelle Denison★★15Turning Up the HeatSus

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    SUMMARY É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lori Foster [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) Lori Foster ☆ 0 CHARACTERS I got this book because it contains Wilde #3 I was plesantly surprised by the other stories contained The main theme is Chistmas I w

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    Lori Foster ☆ 0 CHARACTERS [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) He Sees You While You're Sleeping I don't know why I expected this to be good But it wasn't In fact it was kinda creepy The hero's brother goes after his one day old ex girlfriend Idk Just was really icky All She Wants For Christmas

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    SUMMARY É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lori Foster [Read] (Jingle Bell Rock) Just finished reading this Christmas collection which includes works by Lori Foster Donna Kaufmann Susan Donovan Janelle Denison Alison Kent and Nancy Warren This collection was great There were dramatic parts some very funny comedic parts Basically I laughed I cried and was very happy by the end of the bookFoster is a reliable favorite of mine but this one was even better than I thought it would be Of the auth

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