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Summary Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Michael Crichton Travels AUTHOR Michael Crichton Read & Download Í 7 Onal and psychic during the past two decades in a book every bit as riveting as his bestselling novels. the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time TS EliotI believe that if you have truly travelled you will no longer be the same person you started out as So for me travel automatically also includes inner change be it intellectual emotional spiritual social or personal I m also slowly learning the significance of events that change you as a person things that may not necessarily be immediately significant but add up to make you the person you are To that end I loved this book because Crichton talks about his experiences and observations how he looks at them retrospectively how they have affected him over a period of time what he learnt his self discoveries his self explorations his open minded trysts with psychic phenomena and his clinical attempts at understanding them scientificallyMost critiues about the book seem to have had the wrong expectations from it It s not a travelogue in spite of what the title may convey It s rather a memoir of sorts with the first third of the book about his time as a medical student at Harvard from 1965 69 where he offers an astonishingly honest view of life as a medical student and where he also starts thinking and uestioning his philosophies and breadth of knowledge a second third of the book about his travel experiences climbing Kilimanjaro visiting Baltistan and Shangri La scuba diving with sharks visiting mountain gorillas etc and another third of the book about his experiences with the metaphysical meditations talking to a cactus bending spoons spending time with psychics and healers salt baths auras etc You can actually see Crichton s discerning and open minded approach to life further develop as he uestions analyzes and deeply introspects along with youSomewhere especially in the parts on psychic phenomena I felt it was actually me who was in there and for a non fiction book that is startlingly good If nothing else I have to confess rethinking my outright dismissive attitudes to a few and their effects because Crichton has already asked most of the uestions I would have if I was personally attempting to verify those phenomena Crichton would like any of us have an opinion about a subject such as say auras until someone suggests otherwise which through long analytical monologues disturbs him to the point that he wants to confirm it either way His doubtful analytical mind would then grapple with his personal experiences which seem to be proving otherwise and his attempts at scientifically dissecting them in order to understand are a treat to read In the end I was vigorously nodding my head at his thoughts on whether in science we are forming theories based upon data or are actually letting our pre conceived notions determine which data we let ourselves seeA fantastic book it informed entertained challenged and engaged me as a reader and as a person

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Travels AUTHOR Michael Crichton

Summary Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Michael Crichton Travels AUTHOR Michael Crichton Read & Download Í 7 Aordinarily candid and revealing account of his most enthralling and important journeys physical emoti. There are lots of good reasons not to like or to outright dislike Michael Crichton s TravelsHe shares very directly his understanding about how women differ from men during the 1980s compared to his experiences in the 60s and 70s He studies things like psychic powers and auras and spoon bending He gets married again and again He might be at his most sympathetic while talking to a cactus The chapter on Sean Connery felt too much like name dropping though I liked Connery s advice always tell the truth That makes it their problemAt times I felt like Crichton learned the same lessons over and over and over without realizing that he was dealing with the same problem throughout his lifeThe account ends with an essay criticizing the scientific community for its skepticism of psychic phenomena rather than the introspective conclusion I d been expecting throughout the bookBasically it would be easy to dismiss the whole of this book using any one or two parts of itThe only exception might be his descriptions of med school which are raw and vividly described I was impressed and sometimes shocked by these moments I was also struck by how many doctors he met who felt powerless to help peopleBut at all times in this memoir I found myself thinking something like here s a Harvard trained physician speaking candidly about auras and psychic powers and what he thinks about just about everything And I also recalled the scene at the end of Pulp Fiction when Jules explains that a dog is dirty but it has personality So it s not filthy This book has personality so I m not inclined to dismiss itAnd let s not forget this advice from David Brooks which goes something like our character is defined by our attempts to wrestle with our personal flaws Brooks does not mention our victory lap after defeating or solving our flaws Our personal flaws from what I can tell are our personal flaws and we should do our best to recognize and manage them perenniallyCrichton could have self censored and didn t It takes guts to do that and sometimes that goes a long way

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Summary Ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Michael Crichton Travels AUTHOR Michael Crichton Read & Download Í 7 Medical student writer film director modern day adventurer Michael Crichton now gives his fans an extr. At first when I started this I was like wtf He s talking about being in med school and I thought Oh no This is going to be boarding as hell This turned out to be a really great bookThis isn t your standard memoir Each part where Crichton tells about a trip he toke it is written like a really great short story I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to everyone I was actually sad when I finished with it He published this right before publishing Jurassic Park I really wish he would have written a fallow up to this about the latter part of his life Book Audiobook