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  • Origins of Human Communication
  • Michael Tomasello
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  • 26 July 2020
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Origins of Human Communication Download Ü 104 E to reuest help inform others of things helpfully and share attitudes as a way of bonding within the cultural group These cooperative motives each created different functional pressures for conventionalizing grammatical constructions Reuesting help in the immediate you and me and here and now for example reuired very little grammar but informing and sharing reuired increasingly complex grammatical devices Drawing on empirical research into gestural and vocal communication by great apes and human infants much of it conducted by his own research team Tomasello argues further that humans' cooperative communication emerged first in the natural gestures of pointing and pantomiming. If Chomsky s discontinuity view lies on an end of a spectrum this book argues for an idea that lies on the opposite end I appreciate that the arguments put forward in this book are experimentally backed which leaves little room for conceptual proposals It s good to read about opposing views on language evolution I have read a great deal of what the formalists had to say about this matter and I started my reading list on the functionalists view with this book I was hoping that this book would address generativists argument against the continuity theory which this book adopts For example generativists claim that communicative efficiency loses out to computational efficiency as observed in the universal property of displacement Generativists claim that the property of displacement taxes cognitive resources that are otherwise available and hence if language had evolved only to serve as a communicative tool we would expect linguistic operations to be performed with a minimal demand of cognitive resources I guess it s the reader s job to connect the dots

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Origins of Human Communication Download Ü 104 Conventional communication first gestural and then vocal evolved only after humans already possessed these natural gestures and their shared intentionality infrastructure along with skills of cultural learning for creating and passing along jointly understood communicative conventions Challenging the Chomskian view that linguistic knowledge is innate Tomasello proposes instead that the most fundamental aspects of uniuely human communication are biological adaptations for cooperative social interaction in general and that the purely linguistic dimensions of human communication are cultural conventions and constructions created by and passed along within particular cultural group. The book description is enough to know and it is stated with greater precision than I can muster I will be reading all of this man s titles Enough said

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Origins of Human Communication Download Ü 104 Human communication is grounded in fundamentally cooperative even shared intentions In this original and provocative account of the evolutionary origins of human communication Michael Tomasello connects the fundamentally cooperative structure of human communication initially discovered by Paul Grice to the especially cooperative structure of human as opposed to other primate social interaction Tomasello argues that human cooperative communication rests on a psychological infrastructure of shared intentionality joint attention common ground evolved originally for collaboration and culture generally The basic motives of the infrastructure are helping and sharing humans communicat. Michael Tomasello psic logo de desenvolvimento e diretor do Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology e apesar da sua investiga o n o ser na Comunica o o seu trabalho e em particular este livro Origins of Human Communication 2008 um contributo fundamental para a compreens o dauilo de ue a Comunica o feita A pergunta de partida muito simples sendo os chimpanz s reconhecidamente t o inteligentes porue ue eles n o falamContinuar a ler