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Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Ava Rose Johnson Breaking Ground Download Æ 104 Ears later their one night of hot sex is a distant memory and having heard nothing from Ray since his abrupt departure Eric can't believe it when his old friend shows up Using his mouth and his hands Ray makes it clear how much he still wants Eric and unable to resist Eric falls right back into Ray's bed But fear. Ray and Eric are childhood friends Eric always knew he s gay but Ray didn t He dated Sara for 3 years Just before Ray was shipped to Ira they slept together Ray however regretted in the morning and didn t contact Eric at all for 2 years he s in Ira There he got into thinking and he realized that he loved Eric so when Ray come back he called Eric and was ready for them being together Eric however was not ready yetEris was single but he lived together with his co worker and friend with benefits Ethan for the past year When Ray came to their house Eric suggests that they had a threesome sex which Ray acceptedLater when Sara came to his office Ray agreed to have a coffee with her just out of courtesy and as a friend since he hadn t called her at all since he returned home Upon learning this Eric was so angry and told Ray to leave him aloneThis is where the story falls apart for me It is okay for Eric to have Ethan in their bed but he gets angry and puts the relationship in danger simply from learning that Eric had coffee with Sara for a short time Seems hypocrite to me If you claim to have an open mind by sharing a man with your boyfriend having a girl bedding your boyfriend perhaps shouldn t be a source of trouble so him having a coffee with her shouldn t be a problem at allI don t like unnecessary menage but I d give this 3 stars if it s just for that Childhood friends turn lovers story is my favorite plot Yet I couldn t stand this one I found it the story condone hypocritical behaviors

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Breaking Ground

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Ava Rose Johnson Breaking Ground Download Æ 104 That Ray will leave again holds him back and despite the passion growing between them Eric can't let go of the pain he suffered while Ray was gone Ray has to convince him that this time 'round he's not going anywhere or their burgeoning relationship will be over before it has the chance to beginLength Short Nove. I was pleasantly surprised by this read The short novel length was perfect to move the story along swiftly and kept my attention from beginning to end The two heroes were built for hot pleasure and both revealed a vulnerableness that was romantic The plot was not completely fresh but none the less never gets old Soldier back from war Lover waiting his return Distressed emotions playing out to the end for the make up A timeless story that is always romantic and creates a sexy scene for any reader The love scenes were thoughtful and hot The threesome with Ethan was yummy Overall I recommend this short novel for a steamy read that will satisfy both the the lust craved and romantic alike

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Ava Rose Johnson

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Ava Rose Johnson Breaking Ground Download Æ 104 Buddies since kindergarten Ray Jenkins and Eric Richards have never crossed the line into a sexual relationship But when Ray breaks the news to Eric that he's leaving for war their friendship suddenly slides into something deeper and what's intended to be a guys' night in turns out to be a guys' night in bedTwo y. I got very excited when i saw this book because i love these kind of storys where friends become loversRay and Eric have been friends for what seems like forever Their relationship has never been sexual but now that Ray is getting ready to be deplyed to Ira feelings and emotions surface that bring both men together in a way that shocks Ray Although he always knew that Eric was gay he never thought anything of it When Ray pushes Eric away and leaves for Ira Eric is hurt and can t get pass what happened between them After two years in Ira Ray is back home and he wants Eric After everything he has seen and done he knows what he wants and he wants Eric Now he has to get passed what happened between them before and convince Eric he deserves a chance to prove that they belong togetherThe story sucked me in from the first page but there was a few things I found hard to belive I found it a little hard to believe a seemily straight man could suddenly have sex with his best friend and I wish the author had elaborated that a bit shown us a bit of their past instead of them just jumping into bedbut that part was very hotThe story then skips two years with a little bit of info about what happened to Ray and Ray is now back from Ira and wants EricThe sex in this is very very hot and there s uite a bit of it but I wished the author could of included a bit eg when Ray discovered his feelings for Eric or when he discoveed that he was gayBut I did believe the chemistry between the two and that they loved each other But Eric doesn t trust him and doesnt know if he s actually gay or if Ray just wants to keep him closehow anyone can change their sexuality for that I find hard to believeso he does something that totally put me off the book and I could barely read it he asks Ray to have sex with his roomate his old lover and Ray agrees I remember reading that chapter and going no no no and then what happens he does and then they have a threesome I just found it hard to believe And I didnt like that Eric was Rays only and then he has sex with Ethan call me a romantic but I wanted Ray to go I cant do it I just want you It just put me off the book completely I loved the book up until that point but that was it for me Ava is a very god writer but I could of done without that bitOther than that i enjoyed the book and thats why i gave it a 2 star but i wont be reading it again