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The Next ueen of Heaven Read & Download Á 4 Gregory Maguire õ 4 review Oward Y2K The ancient Sisters of the Sorrowful Mysteries join with a gay singing group The Radical Radiants battle the Catholics A Christmas pageant goes horribly awry And a child is bor. After reading this book I can see the correlations between it and the back cover synopsis but can t help feeling that the back cover was misleading For example Mrs Scales does not at any point in the book speak in tongues Also Christmas pageant is the wrong term for the Christmas Eve mass debacle it depicts there are no people just chipped old creche statues and I ve always thought a pageant involved real people acting out somethingbut maybe I m wrong I could live with thatWhere to start I m disappointed Clearly Why Because this had the potential to be a really great blend of funny and spiritual and touching It tries really hard for the funny want an example Here s one which doubles as an example of unfortunate dialogue I ll do the praying You be the good example Don t forget your Inner Breathing Also your pocketbook it s there by the plant I know I m supposed to laugh at the end of this It s the intention of the speaker if not the author but seriously Could the effort be any obvious and for the most part ignores the others entirely So many wasted opportunities for a character any character to respond with something other than defensive sarcasm Never happens I think what follows counts as spoilers Most of them vague and no major plot point reveals but if you d rather read the book without knowing anything about it ahead of time you may want to stop reading this now and go do that insteadThe rant we re in some tiny fictional town in upstate NY that seems to have not one single normal person in it We have a surprisingly large community of gay men but no lesbians Do the nuns count who stereotypically break out into multi part harmonies at random in public one of whom is suffering from AIDS and is ill enough for complete strangers to recognize that he s in a bad way yet his family who he still lives with are oblivious to him being sick Or gay for that matter a lecherous pastor an abundance of misbehaving teens with no average or good ones to balance them out with the exception of Kirk whose fastidious and effeminate ualities are expounded on to the point of ridiculousness He s gay whether he knows it yet or not We get it Why is this bigger news to everyone than the fact that his older sister is borderline illiterate possibly knocked up and visits the same jail cell so freuently she s putting her favorite posters on the walls so it s homey for her when she inevitably returns a crazy single mother who has a newfound speech impedimentmental scramble of some kind thanks to getting clocked on the head with a Virgin Mary statuette that makes her drop the first letter of the first word of her sentences but somehow the people around her either can t figure this out or figure it out and then forget they ve figured it out and can t understand her again a beauty salon owner slash town gossip and a group of feisty aging nuns There are vague outlines of other families in the background but these potentially ordinary people never fully materialize so what we have is an entire small town populated by larger than life caricatures of people It gets crowded uicklyThere were times when I started to settle into this book I swear But then Tabitha would be plotting to jog her mother back to normal with a wrench no an industrial stapler no now it s a wrench again or Sean would be not very Irish heavily accented Irish only Irish when speaking to his Mam And I d get irritated all over againHere s what I did like Tabitha I hated her on the first page Too obviously crass begging for attention with all the cussing and sleeping around and whatever I wrote her off early on as part of both the unnecessarily larger than life and trying too hard categories Shortly after her mom is released from the hospital though she starts shrinking down to a manageable size By the end of the book I actually feel for her a little she s in a screwy situation hysterical or not and she doesn t ramp up the drama or cause a scene And she recognizes something that she doesn t want her mother s life that she can t stay here and watch Caleb s life play out without her that she has to escape the crazy before she becomes the crazy her revelation happens somewhere off the page that makes her want to be a different person somewhere other than Thebes Whatever led her to it the Tabitha in the passenger seat at the end of the book is a completely different character than the one in the passenger seat at the beginning of the book and one that s approximately life sized I can t say that I like her but I can say that I like her better which is pretty cool

review The Next ueen of Heaven

The Next ueen of Heaven

The Next ueen of Heaven Read & Download Á 4 Gregory Maguire õ 4 review Er Tabitha and her sons scheme to save their mother or surrender her to Jesus whatever comes first Meanwhile choir director Jeremy Carr caught between lust and ambition fumbles his way t. So who is the next ueen of Heaven Let s see I don t know even minutes after finishing this 1999 novel of Gregory Maguire I loved all his other books the Wicked series Lost MirrorMirror etc but this tome is a puzzle I laughed often and hard albeit at often crudelewdrude comments and characterizations I loved the Catholics of Our Lady in sort of cahoots with members of the Pentecostal Radical Radiants but my favorites were the 70 yo nuns led by Sister Mother Clare Jeremy the conflicted gay choir leader and his friend Marty and Tabitha the supposed local slut I hate that word and her newly discovered pregnancy Tabitha and her brothers have to care for their mother thrice marriedafter she s cold conked by a statue of Mary in the Catholic church while stealing milk for Sunday service at the Pentecostal church next door Mom is returned to reality after being conked again by a creche Jesus during Christmas serviceWriting about this is hard There are too many characters too many intersecting plot lines too much that s crudely funny too much semi philosophical uestions about Y2K millenial nutso stuff AIDS Catholicism love betweenamong folks of all sorts and escape Kind of sacred and very profane Perhaps a uotation might help me clarify my dogged confusionIn describing the creche in the 34th chapter The Virgin and Joseph knelt a good three feet high The shepherds and wise men stood smaller a tautological distinctionand the wise men were bracingly multiracial One of them glared with ovoid eyes a cross between Krishna and Dracula another was black and shiny as a Steinway the third resembled an anthropomorphized aubergineJeremy got the feeling that beneath the robes the shepherds were wearing ceramic pajamas printed all over with Bart SimpsonMoments reminiscent of Tom Robbins Moments reminiscent of the better G MaguireI gave it a 4 but only for piecesmoments

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The Next ueen of Heaven Read & Download Á 4 Gregory Maguire õ 4 review With the new millennium approaching the eccentric town of Thebes grows even stranger Mrs Leontina Scales begins speaking in tongues after being clocked by a Catholic statuette Her daught. This book was fantastic and is now one of my favourites I ve even gone back to read certain sections again something I rarely if ever do It was a joy to read it I loved the characters the small town setting the plots This book was very real with real life difficulties which made the characters crystal clear and believable They also had very believable flaws which made them human Painfully so Yet their perspectives are told with their each uniue brand of humor that what would be a sad book is transformed into something poignant instead And also something very very funny This book has many laugh out loud moments It s the best sort of comedy its embedded and real life has bite This is a book of deep feeling and introspection It s not a church book but it is about people s relationship to the spiritual It does take a critical look at people s hypocrisies Beneath the rather mundane look at ordinary lives it s philosophical This is perhaps the greatest comparison I can make between this and the other book I ve read by this author Wicked Both have this uestioning philosophical base But this book is wickedly funny and modern while Wicked was serious though no less fabulous and fantasy basedIt s very character driven I absolutely adored the character Jeremy He s got to be the best gay character in straight fiction since Jules Cassidy Suzanne Brockman s Force of Nature I loved him and I loved the choice he made at the end You know you ve read a great book when you think about the characters long after and wonder what happens to them after the book ends as if they were real people PS I just read over some of the other reviews and I m uite baffled at the level of dislike in some of them I m usually a pretty good judge of bad writing and bad books Am I so off the mark here Or is it because I don t really know his other works so this is something fairly fresh to me and I don t have a lot of comparison I didn t go into it with a lot of expectation I don t know But it is strange at how many people found it tedious or not funny Maybe I was just in the right mood for it Personally I thought it was great