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  • Susannah Sunfire No 2
  • Candice Ransom
  • English
  • 16 December 2018
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Read ☆ Susannah Sunfire No 2 106 First daring steps of rebellion against the old rules She must fight for her own life for her family and for the secret love born in the flames of wa. The bond between the hero heroine was set up on tenuous footing but the entire jist of the novel was the unpredictable and upending nature of war where the strangest things are made possible The character of Susannah is far like a hybrid of Scarlett O Hara with an emphasis to the inner steel of Melanie Hamilton She s a strong and resourceful heroine a lot like Emily in Ransom s other SunfireAs has been noted by others the blind eye towards slavery was irksome and dishonest However it wasn t as historically obnoxious as Schurfranz s Danielle where the heroine s sugar cane plantation is worked by free men paid livable wages Both books dodge the issue of America s dark history and it was disappointing that it happened in Ransom s book because she is the far be

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Read ☆ Susannah Sunfire No 2 106 The South that raised her was at war while Susannah's own battle raged in her heartSusannah had lived her sixteen years as a proper Virginia girl obe. Wow this was a fun little trip down memory lane I first read this when it was released I was 10 I don t even know how many times I read it then but it had to be at least eight There was one unmemorable re read about 10 years ago and now recently I picked it up again fresh off a viewing of Ken Burns The Civil WarI m a bit of a Civil War buff and so that is what drives my very high rating of this book Some of the dialogue is cheesy the plot developments contrived the romance is really hard to put my finger on they bicker a lot and yet they seem to really care for each other so it was easy to root for them The descriptions of things like making homespun fabric curing meat for preservation the cooking turning dresses combined with the hazards of living in the mi

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Read ☆ Susannah Sunfire No 2 106 Dient dreaming of marriage leaving the decisions to the men But when her brother and her fiance are called on to defend the South Susannah takes the. I m on a Sunfire kick right now and have taken it upon myself to reread all of the ones I currently have Actually reviewing this one without bias is impossible because I love it too much but I will try my bestI love this book Out of all the Sunfires I ve read to me this one has the best plot It of course takes place during the Civil War and focuses on Susannah and her family We follow her for about a year with a couple of flashbacks at the beginning and see the pure struggles and horror this war actually brought There is a scene at the beginning very similar to the hospital scene from Gone With the Wind You have plantations catching fire you have armies living with the main characters you have than one major characters die This book brings the plotI also thi