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  • Paperback
  • 250
  • Strong on Defense
  • Sanford Strong
  • English
  • 25 September 2019
  • 9780671535117

Sanford Strong ✓ 8 review

Summary Strong on Defense 108 N Defense offers the proven formula for surviving than 30 crime scenarios from bumper crime to carjacki. A great self defense book not because it will teach you how to snap someone s neck with your pinky it doesn t but because it makes you think about what you would do in a crisis Being able to survive is something that everyone should think about whether it s pleasant or not Do you have a plan for what to do if you re carjacked Mugged Faced with a home intruder Held at knifepoint about to be raped If you answered no to any of the above uestions you need to read this book

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Summary Strong on Defense 108 Es tells readers how to mentally prepare themselves to survive sudden and random violent crime Strong o. This book is incredible It teaches how one should defend themselves against crime Everyone should buy this book and read it twice

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Summary Strong on Defense 108 In this invaluable personal self defense manual a 20 year police veteran and expert in survival techniu. I first read this book about 7 years ago and tend to re read it every year to remind myself of the lessons contained in itIn this day and age I think it is VERY important to be prepared to fight for your life and this book gives practical no nonsense advice